Financial Services Guide

Oli Capital Pty Ltd

ABN 88 627 780 590

Corporate Authorised Representative No. 001281917

Licensee: GIB & Capital Group (Aust) Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 338674)

Date: 26 April 2021


This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is dated 26 April 2021 and has been prepared and issued by Oli Capital Pty Ltd (ABN: 88 627 780 590) (Oli Capital, we, us or our). Oli Capital is a Corporate Authorised Representative of GIB & Capital Group Pty Ltd (ABN 50 084 146 403; AFSL No. 338674) (Licensee).

This FSG has been prepared to provide you with information about the financial products and services that we offer. The FSG is an important document and a regulatory requirement under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act).

This FSG contains general information only. If you have further questions regarding this FSG please contact us. Our contact details are listed in Section 4 of this document.  

Important general information contained within this FSG includes:

  • Who we are and how you can contact us;

  • The services and products we are authorised to provide to you;

  • How we are remunerated for these services and the cost to you;

  • Disclosure documents that you will receive;

  • Who we act for and any potential conflicts of interest;

  • Our internal and external dispute resolution processes; and

  • How we handle your personal information.



Oli Capital is authorised under our Licensee’s Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) to provide general financial product advice in relation to securities and derivatives to retail and wholesale clients.


Oli Capital’s general advice is offered mainly through the following means:

  • our own website (, including both paid content (subscription services) and free content:

    • Oli Capital offers subscription services in relation to securities and derivatives to both retail and wholesale clients. If you would like to subscribe, you will be required to pay us a membership fee which is detailed in Section 8 below.

    • Once you have become a member of our subscription services, we will provide you with access to a range of research reports, market updates and market analysis.            

  • seminars, webinars and social media (including WeChat, YouTube and any other social media utilised by Oli Capital from time to time)

    • All general advice provided by Oli Capital via these channels is free of charge unless otherwise specified.

Oli Capital’s website and social media may contain advertisements in the form of banners so that if a reader clicks, he/she may be referred to certain licensed product issuers’ websites. Oli Capital may receive rebates if you sign up for an account with these product issuers – please refer to Section 8 for further information about the rebates we may receive.

Oli Capital does not provide any dealing services on behalf of the Licensee.

Please note that Oli Capital is also a Corporate Authorised Representative of Suanni Capital Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 508985) in relation to advisory and dealing services in respect of managed investment schemes in its capacity as the investment manager of selected wholesale managed investment schemes issued by Suanni Capital Pty Ltd. This FSG does not include information regarding Oli Capital’s services under Suanni Capital Pty Ltd’s AFSL. Please contact Oli Capital if you would like to receive further information.



We do not provide personal advice.

We will only provide you with general advice about securities and derivatives. This advice does not take into account your specific financial situation, needs or objectives. Under the law regulating the provision of financial products and services, general advice and personal advice have special meanings and may differ from what you commonly understand. You should seek independent professional advice to determine whether the general advice we provide is appropriate for your circumstances.

We recommend you seek independent advice, read this FSG in its entirety, as well as any Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) issued by the relevant product issuer(s), to ensure that you fully understand the risks in light of your personal circumstances before making any investment decisions.



Oli Capital Pty Ltd

Office Address:     Civic Tower, Suite 1103, 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Postal Address:     As above


Phone:                  (02) 8288 9086



You may contact us via phone, in person or in writing by post or email. Our phone lines may be recorded in order to provide a record of communication between you and us.

Our services are predominantly provided through the means set out in Section 2 as well as via email and telephone. Our Client Agreement details the relevant terms governing our services, including our fees and termination arrangements.

Please note that Oli Capital is not authorised to accept instructions from you to deal in a financial product. Should you wish to act on the general advice provided by us, you should provide your instructions directly to the appropriately licensed product issuer and broker. 




Aside from this FSG, if you decide to sign up for our subscription services, you will receive a copy of our Client Agreement. The FSG and Client Agreement are the only two legal documents issued by Oli Capital. On our website, you will have access to some of our policies such as the Privacy Statement and the Website Terms and Conditions.

If you are seeking to acquire a specific financial product, you will receive disclosure documents, including a Product Disclosure Statement, from the relevant product issuer(s) or licensed brokers. These documents are not issued by Oli Capital. We recommend that you read and understand the contents of the disclosure documents before making any investment decision.



If you wish to use the services offered by Oli Capital, please go to our website, where you can access information for using our services.



All of the products we provide general advice on involve risk. Investment in these products may result in losses of capital. The risks associated with the products are described in the relevant disclosure documents which will be provided to you by the product issuer.



Fees We Charge – Membership Fee

We charge a membership fee (“Membership Fee”) for our subscription services. Please refer to the table below for details of the Membership Fee:

The Membership Fee is payable upon signing up for our subscription services (this is generally completed online).


Rebates We Receive

If you sign up for any dealing or other financial services provided by product issuers or brokers promoted on our website or social media, we may receive a rebate from such product issuers or brokers. Any rebates or other remuneration we receive in this regard are included in the fees and commissions you pay to such provider. Whether or not we can receive the rebates, or any other remuneration, is subject to the conflicted remuneration rules – please refer to the Conflicted Remuneration section for further details.


Fees and Commission Paid to Third Parties

Where you have been referred to us by a third party, we may share a percentage of our revenue derived from you with the referring party subject to the conflicted remuneration rules. 


Employee Remuneration

Our employees are remunerated by way of salary and other employee benefits. A discretionary cash bonus may be paid to employees as part of their remuneration, based on their individual performance, the performance of their business unit and/or Oli Capital as a whole. In addition, our employees may also earn performance-based incentives and/or other monetary rewards, calculated by reference to predetermined business objectives that may include contribution to company profitability, client service, risk management and marketing.


Conflicted Remuneration

If any amounts we pay or receive from any third parties are considered “conflicted remuneration” under the Corporations Act, then they will only be made with your explicit consent and you are entitled to receive full details regarding such payment upon written request. You have a right to request further information in relation to the remuneration (from us or the product issuer), the range of amounts or rates of remuneration, and soft dollar benefits paid to or received by us and/or our representatives. You also have a right to withdraw your consent at any time.

If you are unsure whether these arrangements apply to you, please contact us.



Oli Capital, its associates and/or other persons connected with Oli Capital may have an interest, relationship or arrangement that is material in relation to any products promoted by us.  We may provide services to third parties whose interests may be in conflict or competition with your interests.



Oli Capital’s financial services are covered by the professional indemnity insurance held by our Licensee, which satisfies the requirements for compensation arrangements pursuant to section 912B of the Corporations Act. This policy covers claims made against Oli Capital in relation to professional services provided by our representatives and employees.



We will require you to provide personal information in the course of providing our services to you. Oli Capital collects, maintains, uses and discloses personal information in the manner described in our Privacy Policy.



We have an internal dispute resolution process in place to resolve any concerns or complaints you may have, quickly and fairly. Any concerns or complaints should be directed to the Compliance Officer either by email ( or in writing to our postal address. Your written notice should specify the nature of the complaint, including all relevant details, as well as your desired outcome and how this may occur.

The Complaints Officer will, on receipt of your written notice:

  • Provide a written acknowledgement of your complaint and indicate a timeframe in which Oli Capital will formally respond to your complaint;

  • Consider and investigate the circumstances of your complaint, which may also involve communicating directly with you;

  • Notify you in writing of our decision, including the reasons for the decision and any potential remedies, within forty-five (45) days from receipt of your complaint; and

  • If your complaint is not resolved within forty-five (45) days, the Compliance Officer will inform you in writing of the reasons for the delay.


Where you have any redress (financial or otherwise), we will provide that redress promptly. If the complaint can’t be resolved to your satisfaction by Oli Capital through our internal dispute resolution process, you have the right to refer your complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).

AFCA is an independent and external dispute resolution scheme, of which our Licensee, GIB & Capital Group (Aust) Pty Ltd, is a member. Our Licensee’s membership number is 13519.


You may lodge your complaint with AFCA by sending the relevant information and documents to:

Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

GPO Box 3

Melbourne VIC 3001                                         Phone: 1800 931 678

Email:                                    Website:


Before AFCA will deal with your complaint, you must have first lodged a formal complaint with us and given us time to investigate and resolve the dispute.

Terms of Membership

6 months

12 months

24 months

Membership Fees (exclusive of GST)

AUD 450.00

AUD 880.00

AUD 1620.00



Oli Capital Pty Ltd

ABN 88 627 780 590

Corporate Authorised Representative No. 001281917

Licensee: GIB & Capital Group (Aust) Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 338674)


Date: 26 April 2021

1. 关于本金融服务指南

本金融服务指南(指南)于2021年4月26日由Oli Capital Pty Ltd (ABN:88 627 780 590)(Oli Capital,“我“及”我们“)编写并发布。Oli Capital是GIB & Capital Group Pty Ltd (ABN 50 084 146 403;AFSL No. 338674)(牌照主)的法人授权代表。

本指南向您提供有关我们所提供的金融产品和服务的信息。本指南是公司法2001 (Cth)(公司法)下的一个重要文件和监管要求。



  • 我们是谁,以及如何与我们联系;

  • 我们被授权向您提供的服务和产品;

  • 我们如何从这些服务获得酬金,以及您的成本;

  • 您将收到的披露文件;

  • 我们为谁行事,以及任何潜在的利益冲突;

  • 我们的内部和外部纠纷解决程序;和

  • 我们如何处理您的个人信息。


2. 我们是谁,以及我们提供的服务

Oli Capital经我们牌照主的澳大利亚金融服务牌照(AFSL)授权,向零售和批发客户提供有关证券和衍生品的一般金融产品建议。

Oli Capital的一般建议主要通过以下方式提供:

  • 我们自己的网站(,包括付费内容(订阅服务)和免费内容:

    • Oli Capital向零售和批发客户提供有关证券和衍生品的认购服务。如果您想订阅,您将被要求向我们支付会员费,详情见下文第8节。

    • 一旦您成为我们的订阅服务的会员,我们将为您提供一系列的研究报告、市场更新和市场分析。

  • 研讨会,网络研讨会和社交媒体(包括微信,YouTube和Oli Capital使用的任何其他社交媒体)。

    • 除另有说明外,Oli Capital通过这些渠道提供的所有一般建议均是免费的。

      Oli Capital的网站和社交媒体可能包含横幅广告。如果读者点击,他/她可能会被转到某些特许产品发行商的网站。如果您在这些产品发行机构注册帐户,Oli Capital可能会收到回扣 - 请参阅第8节了解进一步信息。


      Oli Capital不代表牌照主提供任何交易服务。

      请注意,Oli Capital也是Suanni Capital Pty Ltd (AFSL:508985)的法人授权代表,主要职责是作为投资经理为Suanni Capital Pty Ltd认定的大资产客户提供咨询和交易服务。该指南不包括有关Oli Capital在Suanni Capital Pty Ltd的AFSL下提供的服务的信息。如果您想了解更多信息,请与Oli Capital联系。

3. 我们的建议政策




4. 联系方式

      Oli Capital Pty Ltd

      办公地址:      Civic Tower, Suite 1103, 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney NSW 2000

      邮寄地址:      同上


      电话:             (02) 8288 9086





请注意,Oli Capital无权接受您的指示进行金融产品交易。如果您希望按照我们提供的一般建议行事,您应直接向适当的产品发行人或经纪人提供您的指示。

5. 您可能收到的其他文件

      除本指南外,如果您决定注册我们的订阅服务,您将收到我们的客户协议。本指南和客户协议是Oli Capital仅有的两份法律文件。在我们的网站上,您可以访问我们的一些政策,如隐私声明和网站条款与条件。

如果您正寻求购买某一特定金融产品,您将从相关产品发行人或持牌经纪人处收到披露文件,包括产品披露声明。这些文件不是Oli Capital出具的。我们建议您在作出任何投资决定前阅读并理解披露文件的内容。

6. 使用我们的服务

如果您希望使用Oli Capital提供的服务,请访问我们的网站查看我们服务的信息。

7. 有关我们提供产品的风险



8. 费用、成本、佣金和其他利益

我们收取的费用 – 会员费




如果您签署了由我们的网站或社交媒体上推广的、其他发行商或经纪人提供的交易服务或其他金融服务,我们或将从该等产品的发行商或经纪人处获得返佣。我们在这方面收到的任何回扣或其他报酬均包括在您支付给该供应商的费用和佣金中。我们是否能收到回佣或其他报酬,须受冲突报酬规则规管 - 详情请参阅冲突报酬一节。






我们的员工以工资和其他员工福利的方式获得报酬。根据员工个人业绩、业务单位业绩和/或Oli Capital整体业绩,可酌情发放现金奖金,作为员工薪酬的一部分。此外,我们的员工还可能获得基于业绩的奖励和/或其他金钱奖励,这些奖励是根据预先确定的业务目标计算的,可能包括对公司盈利能力、客户服务、风险管理和市场营销的贡献。






9. 利益冲突

Oli Capital及其关联方和/或与Oli Capital相关的其他人士可能与我们所推广的任何产品存在重大利益、关系或安排。我们可能给与您利益或兴趣冲突的第三方提供服务。


10. 补偿保险

Oli Capital的牌照主将对我们提供的金融服务提供专业赔偿保险承保。该保险满足公司法第912B条对赔偿安排的要求。该保险政策承保对Oli Capital代表及员工所提供服务而提出的索赔。


11. 隐私政策

我们将在向您提供服务的过程中要求您提供个人信息。Oli Capital按照我们的隐私政策所述的方式收集、维护、使用和披露个人信息。


12. 解决投诉及争议




  • 提供对收到您的投诉的书面的确认,并注明我们将于何时正式回应您的投诉;

  • 考虑和调查您投诉的情况,这也可能涉及直接与您沟通;

  • 在收到您的投诉后的四十五(45)天内,书面通知您我们的决定,包括决定的原因和任何可能的补救措施;和

  • 如果您的投诉在四十五(45)天内未得到解决,合规主管将以书面形式通知您延误的原因。


如果调查结论为我们需为您提供补偿(财务或其他方面的),我们将及时提供补偿。如果Oli Capital不能通过我们的内部争议解决程序解决您的投诉,您有权将您的投诉提交给澳大利亚金融投诉管理局(AFCA)。


AFCA是一个独立的外部纠纷解决方案,我们的牌照主GIB & Capital Group (Aust) Pty Ltd是其成员。我们的牌照主会员号码是13519。



Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

GPO Box 3

Melbourne VIC 3001                                         Phone: 1800 931 678

Email:                                    Website:




6 个月

12 个月

24 个月


AUD 450.00

AUD 880.00

AUD 1620.00